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Copyright and Permissions

All resources published by Poster Pals are protected by copyright law.  

Be advised that for all resources (regardless of format of purchase - physical or digital), permission is granted only for the individual teacher to use in their classroom.  Any other reproduction without written permission is a violation of copyright laws.  In particular, products are not to be placed in a school board resource centre, lending library, shared hub centre, digital distance learning portal or any cloud based centre to be use/copied by teachers at will, shared, duplicated, used or sold to others.  Poster Pals electronic download products are invisibly branded with customer information to assist us with copyright infringement prosecution.

If you wish to reproduce an excerpt, text, or illustration from one of our products, you must send in a request in writing and await our reply.

Your request must include the following:

1. Poster Pals product code and title
2. Which part of the product are you reproducing
3. Details about the need to reproduce the product element:
    - project scope
    - intended audience
    - duration of project
4. Your contact information, including an email address, phone number and address

Submit your request to:

Poster Pals
Permissions Department
95 Ditton Drive
Hamilton, ON
L8W 2E5

fax: 800-372-6818