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  • Café à l'école: A French Café Café à l'école: A French Café

Café à l'école: A French Café

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  • Model: CAFE1


Provide early level FSL students an opportunity to acquire and practice the basic vocabulary required for interaction in a café setting and participation in a school café event. Interactions are drawn from the expectations of the CEFR A1 level.

Resource contains:
Teacher’s reproducible guide book including:
  • 5 dialogues, each in two levels
  • Access to corresponding dialogue audio via download
  • Dialogue comprehension questions
  • Vocabulary review exercises
  • Evaluation forms & report card notes
  • Suggestions and tools for running your own Café à l’école: recipes, letter home...and more

Flashcards — 24 cards, 6" x 6", colour image + text on one side, image only on back
Practice Cards — 50 questions in two levels, require students to demonstrate an understanding of the language used in similar contexts, including personalized questions. Questions on one side, answers or sentence starters on the back. Card size: 2.25" x 3".
Sentence Strips — present, review and manipulate the written form of the interactions
Menu poster — 18" x 24", dry erase
Café Event poster — 18" x 24", dry erase
Café Decor posters — decorative café phrases and French flags
Aprons – 3 student aprons included

Everything you need in one kit!  We even include a storage bag to help keep resource together to use year after year.