Submission Guidelines

Poster Pals has been creating quality  visual aids, incentives, books and reproducible resources for teaching French and Spanish since 1981. Used around the world, our curriculum-based foreign language products support the instruction of French and Spanish at the elementary, middle school/junior high and secondary levels.

Poster Pals has many projects already in development. We circulate two new catalogues per year with new product launches highlighted. 

Joining our team of authors
Poster Pals is always looking for new authors.  If you would like to be considered, please forward an updated resume, listing any writing experience, to us at .  We can also be reached at 800-265-7754.   (If you are submitting product ideas or samples for publishing - please follow our Product Submission Guidelines)

Product Submission Guidelines
We welcome unsolicited submissions for potential products. While we accept simultaneous submissions, we require that you advise us that other publishers are considering your work. Poster Pals does not accept submissions by email or fax nor do we discuss submission topics over the phone. Please mail your submission to:

Poster Pals
Product Submissions
95 Ditton Drive
Hamilton, ON
L8W 2E5

1. Resume (ensuring your current contact information is included)
2. Information:
  - writing sample
  - What uniquely qualifies you to write on your subject?
  - What would you like to accomplish by having this material published?
  - What experience do you have writing other books or materials?
3. How would this product assist with a curriculum need?
4. A sampling of the activities or outline of project concept. DO NOT forward the complete product.
5. The grade range for which it is appropriate.

Poster Pals will contact you within a few weeks of receiving the submission.  All submissions will be looked at on originality of ideas, usefulness to educators working in mainstream settings, market need and fit with the directions and goals of Poster Pals product development.  If you are selected as a new author or your submission is accepted, a meeting will be scheduled with you.

Poster Pals is currently considering submissions under the following topics:
a. French Immersion

b. Core French
c. English as a Second Language