Visual Vignettes

Item: VGT1

4 VERY large full-colour murals (32” x 60”) for guided lessons, imbedded with visual scenarios of the basic interactions of the curriculum.

Colourful, language-rich visuals connect the “I can” skills of the oral communications curriculum to teaching strategies and cooperative practice. Humour and role-play lead to student-generated conversation. Clarifies the task of the teacher by linking the oral communication skills, phrases, vocabulary and grammar required by the CEFR A-1 and provincial curricula to teaching strategies and engaging resources.

180 page Teachers Guide containing:

• Scene posters in reproducible size for student reference

• Teaching strategies that scaffold the visual content to required student interaction skills

• Cooperative practice strategies • Sample conversations depicted in the scenes with comprehension activities

• Reproducible activities

• Scenarios for generating additional interactions and extensions

• Evaluation materials and checklists

CD Containing:

• 24 audio tracks of the sample conversations

• projectable versions of the posters in full colour